About Car Park

We are providing a solution for seamless parking experience for indoor and outdoor parking lots

Monitor the occupancy in real-time

And not just the overall number of free spaces, but you will know the current occupancy of each individual place in the parking lot.

Reserve a spot beforehands

With our solution, you can reserve a spot in our app. It will be signalled by a blue LED so no other driver will take it. No more stress where to park! (indoor only)

Easy access

With our web app supporting tablets and smartphones, you can reserve a parking spot or see the number of free places wherever you are - at home, in the office, or even in your car.

Navigate easily to a free parking space

No more round trips through the full parking lot with just 3 free places left. Simply check out the map of the parking lot in your smartphone or on the screen nearby the entrance – you will see exactly where to go for a free place. The places will be also marked by a blinking green LED on the spot (indoors only), so you will notice them from the distance.

Easy administration

Easy administration of users and reservations is also a part of our solution. Furthermore, you can open or close the parking lot with one click of the mouse. On top of that, the sensors send diagnostic info of themselves, so if there is some malfunction, you will know about it immediately.

Analyze parking lot usage

If you are the owner of the parking lot, we can use collected data to show you the utilization (both aggregated and of individual places) based on time of day and day type, we can show you most and least favourite places and more. For the drivers, we can tell them the probability of free place based on their time of arrival.

How do we do it?

By IoT sensors communicating with our server through WiFi for indoor locations and by analyzing video stream from security cameras outdoors. Interested? Give us a call!

Radek Šlachta

Radek Šlachta

CEO & cofounder

Makes HW and backend design. Likes to wound himself on bike.

Jan Berka

Jan Berka

CTO & cofounder

Designs HW and backend and data analytics. Likes motorcycling and archery.

Jindřich Vojtasík

Jindřich Vojtasík

CIO & cofounder

Develops our frontend. Graduated architect who jumped to the IT world and stayed there.

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